Home of Quality Spices in UAE

Organic Spices LLC is launched in 2016. It is based in Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates. With more that 10 years of experience in the field as a retailer in Abu Dhabi, we know our spices. Abu Suleiman Spices Shop is well known for its spices in Abu Dhabi, and now we are bringing you the high quality spices throughout U.A.E under the banner of the Brand Organic Spices LLC.

We only source high quality spices from around the world….There is no compromise for quality what so ever. The same will be the case with the Brand Organic Spices. Only the best of the best gets processed and packed to make sure 100% Customer satisfaction.

We will bring to you spices from around the world at convenient prices. Spices undergo strict quality assurance and checks before it reaches you. We will have a wide variety of spices to choose from and it will be reaching your nearest retailers soon.

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